WNS Has Been Confirmed In WA

I am very sorry to have bad news, but I thought I should tell you that I found out this morning that White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) has spread to Washington State (WA). It was publicly announced on 3/31/16, and this is the link to that article. The fungus was confirmed in the Little Brown Bat at North Bend WA. WNS is traveling very fast across the country, and I hope that we will find a way to stop it before it is too late.



WNS Spreads To Minnesota

I found out yesterday that White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) has spread to Minnesota. The first place the WNS was confirmed was in Soudan Underground Mine State Park. WNS has killed 5.7 billion bats and has traveled to 27 US states and 5 Canadian provinces. If you would like the to read the full article on the spread of WNS go herewns_map_20160309_0

White-Nose Syndrome

This article is about White-nose syndrome, wns_brownbats_ryanvonlinden_nydep_2008what it is, and what it does. White-nose syndrome (WNS) is a cold loving white fungus that grows on a bat’s wings, and face. The reason that this kills millions of bats pear year is because the fungus uses up the bats energy and wakes them up from hibernation or hibernacula. When they get woken up form hibernation, the bats go out of the cave and start looking for food. There is none, however, because there is still snow on the ground. Because of using all their energy, there not being any food, and it is still freezing cold, they can not survive.

WNS can spread quickly because bats fly to different caves and the bats roost extremely close to each other. If you want some good news about WNS go to this website. If you want some other places that WNS has been or is going, go to this website . If you want even more information come to this website. I hope you all have a batty New Year!