My Batty Family

My older brother came up with a wonderful sentence, which I think we could all relate to. “The eyes of a bat will melt even the hardest heart.” I thought that this was very true and that you would think so too!SWEET BABY BAT!


The Bumblebee Bat

The Bumblebee bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai) is the smallest bat as well as the smallest mammal in the world. This bat’s common name is the Bumblebee bat but its other name is the Kitti’s Hog-Nosed bat. These bats are extremely small; they are approximately 1 inch in length, and their weight is less than two grams! They live inside limestone caves in bamboo forests. Before you get too excited about this bat they only live in Thailand. The Kitti’s Hog-Nosed bat gets its name because it has a flat pig-like nose. These bats live in groups of about a 100 and the maximum in a group is 500; compared to other bat colonies these are pretty small. These bats were only discovered in the 1970’s so there is a lot more to find out. If you want to read some more about the Kitti’s Hog-Nosed bat I found two articles you might enjoy! If you want to know, “the Bumblebee Bat” was the answer to the Jeopardy question a few months back!

little bat
The Kitti’s Hog-Nosed bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai) – the common name is the Bumblebee bat.


Barro Colorado Island

Barro Colorado Island is an extremely special place for finding bats because it has the highest population of bats in the world. This island has 74 bat species, while the USA only has 47! It is incredible to think that 3,800 acre island can have that many bats! No one knows why this island has so many bats, but researchers are trying to find out now. I really want to go to Barro Colorado Island so I can see all of the bats there, but it is in Panama. I found a few articles on the bats there – this article  talks about of one researchers that works on on the island. This article that I found talks mostly about the bats that live there.

pale faced bat
This Pale Faced Bat (Phylloderma Stenops) is one of the many bats that call Barro Colorado Island their home.


Bat Gardens

Bat gardens are a great way to attract bats to your home. I have been thinking about planting a bat garden for a while but I haven’t yet. One of the reasons that I want to have a bat garden is that I live in a place that does not have a lot of bats. To have a bat garden you must have a water source and you must have some plants that smell good to bats at night, and there are some more requirements besides these two.  I also recommend having a bat house in your yard as well. I do not know who would not want these amazing bats flying around their yard at night. If you want to learn more about having your own bat garden here are some websites to look at: bat gardens in the UKhow to start a bat garden in the USA, and bat housesbat flower


I found a very informative article that has good basic information on Megabats; the website is called Bats Rule. I found the article a while ago and I thought that I should post fruit-batit! I think that people would learn a lot from the article. In my opinion Megabats are some of the cutest bats ever – I love how their ears move!  I hope you like the Bats Rule website –  Enjoy!

Honduran White Bats

 This is the Honduran White Bat or a Tent Making Bat, it is the most adorable bat you will probably ever find. If you are afraid of bats, this one white batwill make your heart melt. These bats are 3.7-4.7 cm long, and they live in leafs. The picture shows that on the midrib of the leaf the bats nibbled some of it off so they could roost. The Honduran White bat is white because the green of the leaf reflects onto there fur so it acts as camouflage. I hope you love this bat as much or more than I do! if you want to learn some more about the Honduran White bat, hear is a  video  you can watch about them and an article about these amazing bats!

bat cute!!

The Florida Bonneted Bat

The Florida Bonneted bat or formerly known as Wagner’s Mastiff bat, was thought to be extinct, but in December of 2015 local researchers found a colony of eleven Florida Bonneted bats in a tree in Big Cypress Natural Preserve. The Florida Bonneted bat was put on the federally endangered list in 2013, this species is of special concern because there are less than 1,000 Florida Bonneted bats flying over the sunshine state. If you want to read more about the this bat go to this website, and if you want to read the article about the researchers finding the Florida Bonneted bat this is it.

Handout shows an injured Florida bonneted bat recuperating at Zoo Miami

Science Friday Bats and Moths

A couple of months ago, I was watching a video from bat-mothScience Friday about Tiger Moths. The Tiger Moths were jamming the bat’s echolocation, which I thought was very interesting. When the Tiger Moth hears the bat’s echolocation it goes insane; the Tiger Moth starts putting out its own frequency. Every time the Tiger Moth puts out its’s frequency, the bat will miss the moth every time. The Tiger moth has a special organ that makes the frequency. If the organ is removed, the bat will catch the moth every time. If you want to watch the video here is the link. I hope you will find find very interesting!!

My Favorite Bats!

I would LOVE to share some of my favorite bats with you. Here are some of them:

dog-like bat
Trinidad Dog-Like Bat

The Trinidad Dog-Like Bat, which for a long time was confused with the Lesser Dog-Like Bat, probably because they look alike and are in the same species. The Trinidad Dog-Like Bat roosts in rotten logs and hollow trees. For more information on the Trinidad Dog-Like Bat go to this link.

red bat
Eastern Red Bat

The Eastern Red bats are beautiful and they are definately my favorite bat. They are very wide spread and some even live in the Bermuda islands. The males fur is red orange and the females fur is chestnut with white tips. If you want more information on the Eastern Red bat then go to this link.


mexican free-tailed bat
Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat is the state bat of Oklahoma and Texas. Mexican Free-Tailed Bats and Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats are the same bat but with different names. The reason they are called Free-Tailed bats is because there tail bone goes past the tail membrane, so part of the tail is free from the membrane. I saw hundreds of thousands of these bats fly  out of Carlsbad Caverns National Park at dusk. It was also the night of the total lunar eclipse of the supermoon this fall. It was not only spectacular because of the eclipsing moon, but because it was the first bat flight I have seen out of a cave. If you want more information about the Mexican Free-tailed bat go this link.

I know I will think of a lot more bats that I love but these are the ones I love the most. I hope that you will love these bats species as much as I do!!