Barro Colorado Island

Barro Colorado Island is an extremely special place for finding bats because it has the highest population of bats in the world. This island has 74 bat species, while the USA only has 47! It is incredible to think that 3,800 acre island can have that many bats! No one knows why this island has so many bats, but researchers are trying to find out now. I really want to go to Barro Colorado Island so I can see all of the bats there, but it is in Panama. I found a few articles on the bats there – this article  talks about of one researchers that works on on the island. This article that I found talks mostly about the bats that live there.

pale faced bat
This Pale Faced Bat (Phylloderma Stenops) is one of the many bats that call Barro Colorado Island their home.



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